You are John Parker, fearless rasta soldier, and this is your last stand. You have mounted a 20mm Machine Gun atop your 1969 VW minibus, and will blow away anybody/anything who tries to fuck with you or your herb!

Protect your herb from The MAN!

Smoke a fat one and witness the healing powers of Jah!!!

Stand strong against an army of facists, in ever increasing levels of difficulty! Declare War on the War!

Register Ganja Farmer and get even more Ganja Power Mon!

Defend your herb from nuclear weapons!

Unleash the power of the Rastafari Rocket Launcher!

Toke on the legendary Bong Of Death!!!

...blow the smoke at the man and receive gifts from Jah!

Protect your weed from Alien abduction!!!

Shareware and Registered Versions Now Available!

System Requirements

Download the shareware version now Mon!